WoW Diabetes Update 2

The only thing I can update on this time is on actual mod. Alex and I have been working not getting the mod’s UI to function properly in game. This experience has shown me the power of pair programming. Alex had started working on the UI originally, but had developed it to a point where something was lost in the latest build and the UI would not update in game. Alex and I met a few times, including in class, and walked through a good chunk of her code, seeing where the code links to other code and how functions are called. After doing this a few times, we found a few instances where lines were out of order, in the wrong place, or missing altogether. Once we fixed all these issues, the code was working no problem and Ale and I are no schedule. The only other issue we have been having with the mod is the actual math behind diabetes. our mod has a numerical value and bar to show the player their blood glucose level and if their level is in a safe range. We also have all the food from levels 1-20 researched to have their real world glucose equivalent. But from there we are unsure. We have asked others working on the project, a group of doctors in France about how to equate this numbers together and were meet with “This proprietary”. So we are totally confused about the math behind diabetes and unfortunately this is a major component of our educational mod on diabetes. So the mod is in a working fashion, but the important math behind it is not there and we have no idea where to look for that math. Hopefully we will have this answered by the time we get back from break, which is next week.


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