WoW Diabetes Update 3

I am happy to announce that our mod will now be using actually a real world mathematical model to calculate the glucose level of a character! We have heard back from the team of doctors in France and they have given us their equations and research on calculating glucose levels in the body. This math is extremely complicated and uses a lot of data from the human body, which we do not have for the WoW characters. We have been working with the doctors to use standard values for many of these data points and are very close to having a complete function for use in the add-on. While working on the math, I have been working on adding the blurry and blacking out effects to the add-on. I hope to have these in the mod by the time I (along with half of the team) go off to PAX EAST (this weekend). At PAX EAST I hope to show this add-on off to anyone interested (including press hopefully) and Blizzard. The team’s hope is to show this to Blizzard and get their interest in the add-on and when we are fully finished, sometime this summer, have them showcase the add-on.  It’s nice to see the add-on in a working state and play like a game, while still simulating Diabetes.


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