PAX EAST 2014 Retrospective 2014 – Sat.

Saturday again we waited in the queue room and went to check out more indie games. This year, the indie megabooth had a section that changed everyday, meaning new devs and games, so we headed there first to see what was new. I headed over to some of the AAA games, got a Elder Scrolls Online T-shirt at the Bethesda booth, played Age of Mythology Extended Edition (an HD re-release of Age of Mythology), and found my way to a game called Grey Goo.

While walking around the booth trying to find the line to play their game, I saw someone I met years ago at the first PAX DEV. At the time he was all hush-hush about his company and their projects and I thought he was crazy or making up stories for fun. But there he was, working the booth showing off the new Real Time Strategy game by Petroglyph Games, the devs behind Command & Conquer. I chatted him up, and he was amazed to see me and glad to show off his project to me finally. He invited me to their party they were having that night and hoped to see me their to chat me up about my goings-ons.

I also met with Rami Ismeal of Vlambeer, one of my game dev heroes. He remembered me from last year’s PAX EAST and I asked him about his thoughts on affirmative action and hiring for game dev (a few weeks before the convention he tweeted about not wanting to hire white guys to work with him). We had a great discussion on the topic, going back and forth about giving equal footing to minorities, how that could be seen as unfair advantage, and so on. The discussion lasted a good long while, with reporters waiting for our discussion to end to chat Rami up. At the end of our discussion, he asks my shirt size, grabs me a Vlambeer T-shirt, hands me his business card, and asks what I’m working on. I was estatic! One of my game dev heroes wanting to not only talk to me but talk to me about my work! I chatted him up about WoW Diabetes and some other side projects, and he was interested! He told me to write up about designing for WoW Diabetes and that he would love to proofread my work. By the time all this was over, I profusely thanked Rami, left him to chat with the reporters, and walked off excited and amazed by the whole thing.

That night I went to the Grey Goo party and chatted up my contact and the devs of the game. It was a great time. I also met the president of Petroglyph Games, talked to him about WoW Diabetes, and he has helped connect me with some WoW designers he knows. So by the end of the day, I had met my game dev hero, chatted with him, been encouraged by him, and found a contact to one of the designers of WoW to talk to about WoW Diabetes. What a great day!


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