PAX EAST 2014 Retrospective – Sun & Thoughts

Sunday was a slower day. It was also a half day, as my flight back to Rochester was in the afternoon. First thing that morning I checked out was the new Wolfenstein game, it seems like a fun first person shooter and makes me want a PS4. We spent most of our time in the tabletop area, playing some board games and admiring the dedication of the Warhammer players (that game looks super complicated!). We played the Downtown Abbey board game, which seems like to have the navigation of Clue as its only game mechanic, both my dad and I were disappointed (he was especially, he’s a huge fan of the show!). We found a booth selling handcrafted wood dice trays and deck boxes and I purchased one there. Can’t wait to get it! After our trek in the board game area, we headed over to the Magic : The Gathering booth to try out the new Magic game coming to Ipad. We both like the changes to the UI a lot, it was a lot easier to understand what was happening and to use cards at their appropriate times.



Sketch Adventures: The Final Product of Middle School Mayhem!

After 10 weeks of working on this project, the team is finally proud to say it is finished! Middle School Mayhem is now Sketch Adventures! This project was a great time for all, with our game even getting showcased at the Strong Museum of Play for Up and Coming games! While the game only has one level, many people have found it to be difficult to beat. The team does want to work more on the project, but as we are all students, finding that time will be difficult.
Here is the Game

Come to Imagine RIT

I will be at Imagine RIT tommorow showfcasing a project me and my friend Ben have been working on for the past few months, Kinect Pong. If you are in the Rochester area, come check us out! We will be in the Galisano building or Building 70.
Check out Imagine RIT Here!